Qld. council suspends worker for same-sex ‘marriage’ dissent

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A former Townsville City Council employee who was suspended for six months after leaving an incendiary book at work has warned that free speech is at risk if same-sex marriage is legalised.

The council investigated Willem Engelbrecht for serious misconduct after he left a book written by Frank Turek entitled Correct not Politically Correct — How same-sex marriage hurts everyone, which argues strongly against same-sex ‘marriage,’ in the lunchroom along with his business card and name written inside on the morning of September 16 last year.

Another council employee found it and made a complaint, sparking months of legal wrangling that eventually led to downgraded misconduct charges and a suspension from the council.

According to the council, the book contained material that was considered to incite hate and have a serious contempt for or to severely ridicule others on the grounds of their sexuality.

It was found by council officers in the Thuringowa Civic Centre on a table where he had been sitting.

In January last year the council found his actions breached its code of conduct and the disciplinary penalty applied was a “step 3 final warning”.

On June 30 last year, following conciliation with the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission, the council withdrew its step 3 penalty and instead issued a step 2 warning, which suspended Mr Engelbrecht until January 6 this year.

Mr Engelbrecht has since accepted a voluntary redundancy.

Now he is warning that promoting a dissenting opinion that goes against trendy mainstream views on same-sex ‘marriage’ could result in legal action.

“My experience has taught me that the marriage equality issue is a package deal,” he said.

“Legalising same-sex marriage will not only undermine the very essence of what marriage is all about, a union between a man and a woman in order to raise well-adjusted children but will severely impact our right to have an alternative opinion or even to debate an alternative opinion.

“Our children will be exposed to radical sex education without the parents’ consent or even without them knowing about it and any resistance will be punished by legal action. Be careful Australia, vote no,” he urged.

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