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When ‘love is love’ is the mantra, we open up a pandoras box where endless cases of people ‘finding love’ will be lining up to be married.

Here’s a perfect example to demonstrate the point.

Melissa, who is married (to “an open-minded guy”) and the mother of two teenage daughters, has fallen in love with her half-brother who she apparently didn’t know existed for 40 years until just recently.

To make a long story short, when Melissa met her long-lost brother, named Brian, she felt immediate attraction to him and the two hooked up after just one drink, even though both were married at the time.

And according to the sleazy magazine Cosmopolitan (“This Is What It’s Like to Fall in Love With Your Brother”) whose readership has grown to expect sex-saturated “news” pieces, the physical act between them is apparently great and the connection between the two is ‘undeniable’.

They claim their sexual and emotional connection is exceptional. “We have an innate trust and no boundaries with each other because we’re family,” Melissa explains. “When you get into a relationship with someone else, they’re a stranger to you. Trust takes a long time to build. But because this is my brother, he’s never going to do anything to hurt me.”

Their unusual circumstances have created a perfect storm, an ideal mix that most people don’t get to experience. They describe levels of intimacy and exploration, of freedom and kink, of sacredness and naturalness. Tantric and bondage are mentioned. To them, it’s more than romance: Their relationship covers all the forms of love the ancient Greeks espoused — friendship, sex, siblinghood, and self-sacrifice.

“He’s able to be my father, my brother, my lover, my best friend — all these roles that others have never filled,” says Melissa. “I have everything in one human.”


All states in the U.S. have laws prohibiting marriage or sexual intercourse between first-degree relatives. In their state, it’s a felony that’s punishable by life in prison. Not only do Melissa and Brian feel their love shouldn’t be forbidden, they also say they’re part of a growing segment of society: As infant adoption and fertility treatments involving sperm, egg, and embryo donation increase, so will the numbers of people walking around who are unknowingly genetically related.

“When people like us meet, all of your body vibrates knowing this is your kin, your genes. It’s a very interesting phenomenon that’s not studied in this world,” Brian says. “If we don’t start studying it more — or accepting it — people will end up in jail.”


Though Kimberly is not opposed to their relationship — “They’re both consenting adults,” she says — Melissa’s friend is concerned about how finding out will impact their kids. Alman adds that contempt and rejection are the greatest consequence for most consanguineous couples: “That happens anytime someone breaks a taboo, and this one is a strong one,” she says. “Any couple that does this has to be prepared to lose the love and respect and company of their family members.”

Regardless of the risks, the half-siblings plan to eventually live together — and officially marry. And they can because of a legal loophole: Melissa’s childhood father is listed on her birth certificate, not their shared biological father. “Obviously, it’s still illegal. But we can hide and do that.” So after her kids are raised and their divorces are finalized, they plan to live happily ever after, she says. “It’s just not going to be for a number of years, unfortunately.”

Until then, they will keep sharing their Saturday nights and balancing the challenging dynamics of a relationship under-cover. It’s well worth it to them.

“I don’t feel like we’re more special than anyone else, but to receive this intense kind of love is a gift,” Brian says. “Few human beings get to experience something at this level. And it’s not a taboo. It’s nothing wrong. This just feels like love, perfect love.”

If there’s one thing that sums up everything that’s wrong with this world, it’s the sickening double standards popularised by this hyper-sexualised media culture which exalts violating sexual taboos as if it’s somehow a virtue.

Mainstream women’s magazines glorify sexual violence (see for example Good Housekeeping’s story  “Fifty Facts About ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ That Will Blow Your Mind”). Yet this same mainstream media becomes hypocritically offended when sexually aggressive men violate women, as per their reports of the allegations levelled at Hollywood director Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood stars.

And now thanks to morally unrestrained New York-based magazine editors, incest (like anal sex tips for teens) is being mainstreamed.

Perhaps the only hint of negativity from Cosmo in an otherwise sympathetic portrayal of Melissa and her brother Brian is that it’s bad for the passing on of genes – which when you think of it, is actually a very, very bad thing.

Indeed, inbreeding dramatically increases the likelihood that the offspring will have severe abnormalities. And that’s a scientific fact.

It’s pretty clear that if we are to base the entire argument for equal marriage rights on ‘feelings’, then we leave ourselves open to countless minority groups demanding for their social recognition despite the obvious horrendous consequences of participating in below-primal behavior.

Moral ‘progressives’ have long wished to detach sex and procreation, and instead portray sex as a purely about getting pleasure. This inevitably leads to more selfish and depraved behaviour.

The bottom line is that once we go roller coasting down that slippery slope of shifting moral boundaries it doesn’t stop. It will not end there.

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